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Fleet Services

Protect your business's image and reputation by keeping your vehicle fleet looking sharp. With Nifty Car Care's comprehensive fleet care program, we have custom tailored services and discounted rates for all types of vehicles. Nifty also does the heavy lifting of keeping track of your vehicles. We offer various types of services including wash and detail, maintenance programs, de-fleeting, fleet life-cycle consultation, pre-sale, and decontamination. In other words, less things for you to worry about so you can focus on getting back to work.

Business Fleets

Wherever you are, we come to you for your fleet needs, small or large. You can continue driving your business and vehicles forward while we take care of your fleets wash, detail, and/or maintenance needs without interuption.



Semi trucks collect a lot of road grime, bugs, and dirt. Nifty's wash and detail services will keep your rigs looking fresh! With most large truck washes being at truck stops, they often have long wait lines which cost precious money and time. Worst of all, they don't always do a good job. We save you money and time by servicing your trucks when they aren't on the road, at your convenience.

Dealerships and Car-Share

Keep your customers happy by delivering a vehicle that looks like it just came off of the show room floor. Our mobile car wash and detail technicians have extensive attention to detail, and will make sure that your business receives top notch quality and reviews from it's customers. All at your own convenience.


Everything Else


If it floats, flies, or rolls, we want to wash or detail it for you. We tailor wash and/or detail services for recreational vehicles (RV), boats, motorcycles, all terrain vehicles (ATV), and even aircraft! When vehicles are stored for a long period of time, their paint fades, windows fog, and decals peel. Generally, if you intend to sell a vehicle, the seller will receive more inquiries and higher price offers on a vehicle that looks as if it were new. Nifty can assist by taking high quality pictures of your freshly detailed vehicle for you as part of our services.

Regardless of your needs, we are here to help. We offer no hassle quotes that you can compare and contrast to your business's budget so that you can make the right decision that meets the needs of your situation. Don't be afraid to send us a short email describing what you have and what you need, and we will get back to you shortly with a no-hassle plan to keep your business more profitable, safe, and efficient. As always, thank you for choosing Nifty Car Care for all of your vehicle wash and detailing needs!

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