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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are You A Mobile Company?
    Yes! Thats the name of the game. Go to our Book Now page to enter your address when booking. We will come to you, at your convenience.
  • How do I pay for Nifty Car Care services?
    Easy! Nifty Car Care will process payment after they complete their service on your vehicle. In order to streamline your car care service, we prefer for you to use our online booking tool. Nifty Car Care does not charge for any of our services​ until after​ our services are performed. Nifty will safely and temporarily store your credit card information in our encrypted database until we process payment for our services. All purchases will include the option to receive an emailed receipt, if you want at the time of payment.
  • How do I know if Nifty Car Care services are offered where I live?
    We only serve the Kansas City Metropolitan area at this time, which is approximately any direction 20 miles from downtown Kansas City. If you believe that you are outside of this area, please contact us at to verify if we serve your area.
  • How do you get my keys?
    When scheduling your service appointment with Nifty either online or by calling, you will be asked to give instructions for where and from whom our specialists need to get your keys from. If you are at work, you may leave your keys with the front desk or receptionist, but we must have the name of the person to pick up and hand your keys to. For liability reasons, we will only give your keys back to either you directly, or a person that you designate when scheduling your service. The more detailed instructions you provide for our Nifty specialists, the faster and better we can provide our services to you.
  • Do you offer subscription plans?
    Yes! Please view our Book Now page. At the top of the scheduling matrix, you will see a link titled "View Subscription Packages". Click the link and you will be directed towards our subscription packages.
  • What is Nifty's bad weather policy/procedure?
    We try and deliver our services on time, everytime, for our customers' convenience. At the same time, we want your vehicle to have a lasting shine. If there is a confirmed weather forecast for a significant storm or precipitation near the time of your service appointment, we will cancel your service and you will receive an email with a link for rescheduling your appointment. We may also call you to reschedule your appointment ahead of time. If your service appointment is for a vehicle in a parking garage or other covered space, we will still perform services for you if you like. Either way, we will work with you to ensure that your vehicle receives the attention it needs.
  • I have a coupon code. Where do I apply my coupon?
    When using our scheduling system online where you select your service package, you will see a box at the bottom of the form. Enter your coupon code, then select "Apply Coupon". In the appointment details page, you will be asked to confirm your coupon code. If you are scheduling an appointment by phone, be sure to mention your coupon code to us so that we can apply your discount before checkout. If you have any issues with applying your coupon, your coupon may be expired. Please contact us if you have any issues.
  • Does Nifty Car Care offer custom car care services other than the packages offered?
    Absolutely. At Nifty Car Care we aim for 100% customer satisfaction, and can tailor our services to almost anything that you may need. To inquire about a custom service package, please contact us by giving call, email, or by messaging us through our Contact Us page.
  • I own a business and need a fleet of vehicles serviced at the same time. Can Nifty do this, and do you offer discounts for multiple vehicles?"
    We most definitely can service multiple vehicles at the same time, and offer a discount for multiple vehicle fleet services. To inquire about our fleet services, please contact us by giving call, email, or by messaging us through our Contact Us page.
  • I own properties and/or work for property management. Will you offer discounts for my residents?
    Yes! Nifty aims to be a convenient amenity for property residents and apartment complexes. We offer a discount for apartment complexes and property management entities that registers their properties with Nifty Car Care as a residential amenity. To register your property or management agency with Nifty, please contact us by giving call, email, or by messaging us through our Contact Us page.
  • How do I Book Multiple Vehicles?
    We request that our customers book both vehicles seperately, back to back if possible. If you are unable to do this in the Book Now page by scheduling online, please contact us through our Contact Us page to book.
  • How Long Does Nifty Car Care's Services Take to Complete?
    Service times vary per vehicle. To get a ballpark estimate, please reference the times below: Nifty #1: 30-45 minutes Nifty #2: 40-80 minutes Nifty #3: 2-3 hours Nifty #4 3-4 hours Nifty #5: 4-5 hours
  • What's the Difference Between a Wash and a Detail?
    A detail is a deep clean that will leave your vehicle looking like it came off of the show room floor. These are Nifty packages #4 and #5. A wash will help keep your vehicle looking new, but doesn't generally cover all of the nooks and crannies. These are Nifty packages #1-3
  • Do You Charge Extra For Bodily Fluid Cleaning?
    Yes. If there are bodily fluids inside or outside of the vehicle such as urine, feces, or blood, we will charge an additional $60 for removal. The technician will notify you if there are any such charges ahead of time during their initial vehicle walkaround. We charge this fee because it takes additional time, personal protective equipment, as well as chemicals to make sure we get the job done properly.
  • Do You Need A Water Hookup or Electricity?
    Nope. All of our mobile detailing vans are equipped with everything they need, including water. Sometimes, for larger jobs and fleet customers we may ask to replenish our water supply.
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